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Grinding & Sanding

Why Sand?


After our progressive sanding method surfaces comply with finish manufacturers' technical requirements and US Forestry research data. Professional sanding and proper wood preparation is an investment that increases finish performance and reduces maintenance for the life of your home.​​



  • Finish manufacturer's technical requirements met

  • Architectural and USFD standards met

  • Total removal of penetrating finishes

  • Total removal of weathered & damaged wood

  • Manually controlled material removal 

  • Rounding & beveling of corners and edges

  • Smoothing of knots & construction damage 

  • Natural lumps and bumps enhanced


Controlled Removal

Manual sanding allows for a defined depth of material removal depending on the condition of the wood.  1/16" - 1/4" + can be achieved when needed.

Properly preparing wood prior to applying finish achieves the correct surface texture increasing performance and durability by allowing them to absorb and perform as intended by the manufacturer.


Our Method

Stage 1

Skim grinding with a coarse grit to remove knots construction damage and heavily weathered wood fibre.

Stage 2

Precision grinding with medium grit to a required depth to fully remove the previous finish and weathered wood.

Stage 3

Random orbital sanding with a fine-grit to remove grinding marks and achieve required surface texture for the new finish. 

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